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Official name: Republic of Macedonia 
Area: 25 713 km 2 
Population: 2.038.059 (census from 2002) 
Capital: Skopje, about 600.000 citizens
The official language: Macedonian
Alphabet: Cyrillic
Religions: mainly Orthodox Christians, then Muslim, Roman Catholic and others
Political structure: State with parliamentary democracy 
Independence day: 8th of September
Localities under UNESCO protection: the town of Ohrid and Ohrid Lake
Currency: Denar: 1 Denar = 100 Deni
Time: GMT+1
Weights and measurements: SI
Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz 
Important telephone numbers:
Police - 192
Emergency medical assistance - 194
Fire brigade - 193

Currency: DENAR (MKD)
Foreign Currency Exchange: At the time of writting the exchange rates were:
61,3 MKD = 1 EUR
43,0 MKD = 1 USD
Money can be exchanged at hotels, banks and exchange offices at the current rate of exchange,or almost everywere you can pay in euro and get your change in denars

The only legal tender in Macedonia is the Macedonian "Denar", which ws introduced as a official currency in 1992.
Note bills: 10,50,100,500,1000 and 5000 MKD. 
Coins: 1,2 & 5 MKD.

Credit cards: American Express, Visa, Diners club, MasterCard, Maestro and Eurocard are accepted. Travellers cheques can be exchanged in any major bank office.

Banks open:
7 AM – 3 PM during the week
7 AM – 1 PM Saturdays
Sundays closed

Post Offices open:
7 AM – 19.00 PM during the week
7 AM – 1 PM Saturdays
Sundays closed

Major hotels,rolex replica most restaurant and stores accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Eurocard (check if there is a sighn at the entry). You can find cash machines in the most frequent places in the center of the towns. Exchange offices are the places that you'll not have problems finding, they are everywhere and well marked. Also, if it's a metter of emergency, or it's a non working day, you'll have no problem paying with Euros, but on some places you can be charged less then the real value.

Working hours:
Some shops are open between 7a.m. & 21p.m.
Other shops and department stores are open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
In Sundays some work some not.
Restaurants,cafes etc. are open from 0.8 to 0.1 after midnight
Discos and night clubs from 10 p.m. to 03 a.m.

(approximate, in MKD):
Beer in shop 25-35 (in bars 60 to 120)
Milk 40
Salad in a restaurant 90
Bread 25-30
Wine 80-150
Cigarettes 50-150
Pizza 180-250 (a slice 70)
Hamburger 60-100.....
Taxi approximate 30-50 mkd start(depends from the company) 
+ 25 mkd 1km.

In order to place an international telephone call from Macedonia, you have to dial:
1. „00“ to indicate that an international connection is required
2. the telephone code of the target country
3. the city code within the target country,usually omitting the zero (0) that proceeds it
4. the subscriber’s telephone number Rolex Submariner Replica
Note: Phone calls made between 18:00 and 06:00, are 50% cheaper.
Or you can use internet caffes from where you can dial any long distance call worldwide for 10mkd for 1 minute

First you need a passport for comming to Macedonia.The citizens of the some countries need a visa and they can obtain a visa at our embassies in their countries or in the nearest country where we have one.You can get the visa in one day.Citizens of European Union countries do not need a visa.

For vehicles:
The car license, the green of blue insurance card and the power of attorney if another person drives the car.