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Pam.Guard extends the international limited warranty on wristwatches up to 8 years. swiss omega replica, after Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier, is the fourth Richemont brand to offer an 8-year warranty.

The new program will be available from Tuesday, 26th November 2019. It is not limited to only new watches. The care programme is available to any watch purchased from a swiss omega replica dealer registered up to two year before the date of purchase. It also offers the extended warranty and other Pam.Guard Services, including personalized newsletters and immersive experience via multiple mobile platforms.

Jean-Marc Pontroue, former CEO of Montblanc and Richemont for almost 20 years, was appointed swiss omega replica CEO by Jean-Marc Pontroue in April

Mr Pontroue stated, "When I first joined swiss omega replica I was fascinated by their Laboratorio di Idee. I've always loved the idea of pushing limits." "To me, pushing boundaries is not only about the technical aspects of our watches but also what we can offer our customers."

"The industry uses a 2-year warranty as a benchmark and I wanted my company to be among the few that pushed the boundaries." swiss omega replica is already confident in the quality of its movements so this was a logical move. We have experience with long-term warranties. In fact,Omega Seamaster Replica we launched the Lab ID a few years ago with its 50-year warranty.

Paneristi is an independent online group that consists of swiss omega replica enthusiasts. They are always useful in determining brand direction. According to Mr Pontroue the group of swiss omega replica fans is "like having 30,000 employees in our marketing department." They help swiss omega replica "not only be product-driven, but also customer-focused."

Mr Pontroue continued: "We are proud to be innovators at Richemont but we love being pioneers at swiss omega replica, where we not only test new ideas but also listen our customers - whether they're millennials or longtime swiss omega replica customers. We want to teach them about the history of swiss omega replica, the Italian military and what the brand does to stay at the forefront of watchmaking.