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How to get here

The roads in general in Macedonia are safe and good.The main international highway the E-75 crosses the country. Network of well maintained roads links its towns and its popular tourist areas.
At the border it would be appropriate to exchange some smaller ammount of money in local currency because you will need some for the paytools.There is 2 paytools between the border and Skopje if you enter Macedonia from Serbia or Bulgaria (via Kriva Palanka) and 4 between Skopje and Ohrid (via Kicevo)
You can drive from Skopje via Bitola but that is longer way.
The Albanian border from the both sides of Ohrid lake is just 30km distance to Ohrid.

Taxi approximate 20-50 mkd start(depends from the company) 
+ 25 mkd 1km.

Skopje - Ohrid 170km
Bitola - Ohrid 65km
Tirana - Ohrid 130km
Sofija - Ohrid 320km
Thessaloniki - Skopje 260km
Thessaloniki - Ohrid (via Bitola) 280km

If you choose to travel by bus, connections to Skopje are available from several cities in Europe (Brussels, Vienna, Sofia, Istanbul, Belgrade). Those who will travel from, or through Germany can contact the travel agency Deutsche Touring, found in most cities, which have buses to Macedonia twice a week; those from Austria can contact Europe travel agency. (Note: If you travel through Serbia and Montenegro check whether you need a visa!)

Belgrade - Ohrid: "Galeb" Ohrid in 21:30h
One way ticket arround 2400,oo Serbian dinars

Ohrid - Belgrade: "Galeb" Ohrid in 15:30h (via Bitola) i 17:30h (via Kicevo)
One way ticket: 1800 Mkd denars (30€)

Belgrade - Skopje: 4:45, 7:05, 11:20, 13:30, 14:20, 15:30, 16, 17:30 i 
20 :30h. 
The price for a returned ticket is arround 4000,oo Serbian dinars

Skopje - Ohrid 06.00, 10.00, 14.00, 14.45, 15.30, 16.00, 16.30 & 18.30 
One way ticket is 500 mkd denars and returned is 720 mkd denars + reservation fee. 

Ohrid - Skopje: 05.00, 07.15, 07.30, 10.45, 12.45, 15.00, 17.40, 19.00

Skopje - Belgrade: 2:00, 4:00, 5:10, 7:45, 9:25, 10:15, 13:10, 16:45, 20:10, 21:15, 23:30, 24:00h

Sofija - Skopje everyday at: 08:00; 16:00; 19:00; 22:00h 

Ohrid - Sofia every day at 19.00 = 1280mkd denars(21eu) one way

Sofia - Ohrid every day at 17.00

Visit this link for more transportation choices (there is Macedonian & English translation)

You can use the connections to Skopje from Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Thessaloniki or Athens. They arrive at Central Railway Station in Skopje (phone: +389 2 164255) every day.

Belrade - Skopje: 7:05, 14:00 i 21:00h.

Price for returned ticket: 2600,oo serbian dinars
Additional Sleeping kabin - Kushet: +840,oo Serbian dinars

Skopje - Belgrade: 7:15, 11:50, 22:50h (express)

Visit this links for full destination timetable:

Skopje Airport (phone: +389 2 148333) is only 18 km away from the city center.There are regular and charter flights from every major European city to Skopje and Ohrid by domestic and foreign air companies (MAT, Adria Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Olimpic, Airways, Turkish Airlines, JAT etc.). Other airports near Skopje are: in Sofija (Bulgaria), which is 250 km away from Skopje and Thessaloniki (Greece) 260 km. There are regular bus connections from Sofia to Skopje twice a day. The airports in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) can also be used for connection. (Note: some countries’ citizens may need transit visas for Bulgaria and Serbia and Montenegro).

Belgrade - Ohrid: monday at 14:40, thursday at 14:10h.

Belgrade - Skopje: everyday in 21:15 or 21:30h.

Ohrid - Belgrade: Monday & Thursday at 16:45h. 

Skopje - Belgrade: every day at 6h

Visit this link for full destination arrival and departure timetable: 

The price of returned ticket is different and it depends from the period of the year and the company but its between 150€ - 250€.Ask in your local travel agency!