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We would like to draw your attention to one of Macedonian's greatest truths, the truth of Ohrid, an immortal town, a magical hill whose primordial pulsation links ancient and modern times forever. Ohrid has been a living town for two thousand and four hundred years. It is the legitimate descendant of the shining Lychida, a town whose achievements were woven into the tapestry of a powerful ancient civilization.
The town of Ohrid is indeed the cultural history of the Republic of Macedonia in miniature. As an Episcopal center in ancient times, swiss replica watches and likewise through the widely renowned Ohrid archbishopric, the town has likewise through the centuries represented the entire ecclesiastical history of Macedonia. It bears the name "The Balkan Jerusalem". Trough the activity of St. Clement of Ohrid, the first pan - Slavonic university in Europe was situated here.
Ohrid was the most important official capital of the first Slav Macedonian state, of Samuel's empire. And Ohrid was the center of Macedonia's nineteenth century revival.
Today Ohrid is a cultural, spiritual and tourist center of Macedonia. And finally, as the crowning glory of its values, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid have been named a world cultural and natural heritage listed city under the protection of UNESCO since 1980.

Ohrid and Lake Ohrid, the Ohrid tourist resort, is a leading tourist center in Macedonia. The most valuable aimes are cultural and sustainable model of tourism as wall as improvement of receptive offer, which is compatible with contemporary tourist needs.

1. Centuries ago, this region was the setting of a glorious era of artistic, cultural, and religious enlightenment. On the shores of this Lake, heavenly icons and mosaics were created, splendid frescoes painted, manuscripts written, and one of the world's first universities - the first Pan Slavic university, was established.

2. Positioned on the old Roman caravan road, known as the Via Egnatia, this region is a bond with the ancient history - II century B.C.
In the V century A.D. when the town Lychnidos was an important Early Christian Episcopal center, was built famous basilica at Plaoshnik.

3. In the close surrounding are the remains of the Tsar Samuel's Fortress - 3km of towers and high walls - crown of the evening landscape of Ohrid.

4. On the unique cliff near by the old fisherman's settlement of Kaneo, is one of the most photographed churches in the world, St. John Kaneo (XIII century).

5. The cathedral temple of the Ohrid archbishops, the church St. Sophia, is a frescoes gallery from XI century, and her west-facade architecture gives a spirit to exceptional performances of "The Ohrid summer festival".

6.On the eastern slope of the hill of Ohrid, close to the Upper Gate, is the Ancient Theatre (Hellenistic - roman period) with its sensational monumentality.

7. Cathedral church Mother of God Peribleptos (XIII century) during the Ottoman domination was renamed St. Kliment Ohridski and is one of the most significant mediaeval monuments in Macedonia.

8. One part of the museum complex of St. Kliment is the Gallery of icons, collection of more than 30 icons, one of the most valuable in the world, made by famous mediaeval painters from the time of the Ohrid's Archbishops.

9. In the national museum "The house of Robev family", gests can be surprised of numerous artifacts, archeological heritage and sculptures from the prehistoric time, ancient period and mediaeval Ohrid, found on archeological locations in the old part of Ohrid and its surrounding.

10. One of Ohrid's best-loved landmarks is the Old plane tree (Platanus Orientalis), 800 - 900 years old which trunk is 20m wide.

11. Crossing by the Lake (daylight and evening) is enabled with bigger and smaller boats which finally destination is monastery complex with the church St. Naum (XVI - XVII century, present church) and in which programmers is visiting the church Mother of God Zahumska (XIV century) at the shore of the Lake and can be reached only by boat.

12. In the framework of the mediaeval artistic treasury of Ohrid more important are the churches erected and painted in the caves on the shores or in the vicinity of Lake Ohrid.

13. Fish ohrid trout and belvica and lamb are among the favourite main dishes. Countryside speciality "djomleze" and "tavce gravce" are truly pleasure of quiet village kind of tourist offer.The beauty of the Lake, altitude, fresh air and insolation of approximately of 2300h per year, guaranty hilling not only the body, but as well as the soul. Favorable sunlight, climate, and soil provide a beautiful harvest. Local orchards and farms provide a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables all round year. Ohrid's wines, whether dark and smooth or crisp and fruity, are among the best in the world. Almost every family makes there own wine (and "rakija") each autumn.

14. Bees make delicious honey from a multitude of wild flowers, and sheep grazing in high pastures from the National Park "Galicica" (the top point "Magaro 2288m") make delicious homemade cheeses.