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In 1983, Land Rover created one of the most famous multi-purpose vehicles in history: the Land Rover 90 and its companion, the elongated 110. These unstoppable British goats (there aren’t that many goats in the UK, but bear with me) became the benchmark utility vehicle for cruising all over the British islands.

The name Defender that we associate today with this square, Toppanwatch rugged off-road light truck, appeared in 1990, in an attempt to align itself with the rest of the range that led the royally appointed Range Rover and the, then recently, launched Discovery.

The Defender lived on for a couple of decades, until in 2016 when it was finally discontinued. Last year, Land Rover announced the Defender’s resurgence, in the form of an all-terrain vehicle that looks quite nice (maybe too cute) but has the off-road capabilities, which made the Defender the best in the Highlands.

The 2019 Defender next to its 1990 ancestor

The Land Rover Defender and how it inspired the creation of the panerai radiomir Swiss Replica Watches 21 Land Rover Edition

The Dubai Watch Week that LVMH’s watch brands held not too long ago, hosted a remarkable series of horological debuts. In the case of Zenith, one of its stars was this cool iteration of the Defy 21: the Land Rover Edition, which pays tribute to the Defender, as a limited to 250-piece series.